I started from private coaching PRACTICE in 2010 after I has finished the Coaching Institute (St.Petersburg). Then in 2011 I started working for the Institute of Counseling Psychology – “Novy Vek”, St.Petersburg, Russia. I was supporting students going through 2-years education program in Psychology, consulted them and assisted the teachers and trainers with group dynamic.  Then together with my friend and colleague Marat I created three programs and workshops dedicated to psychology of sexuality and intimacy. And I am proud to say, that one of our programs has become the part of the 2-years education program in Psychology. During last 4 years besides the individual sessions I provided for the students and private clients, I have worked as psychologist, trainer and group leader for the Institute. Also I have lead together with Marat the Project “Psychology of Sexuality”, aimed to make people familiar with the various topics in this area. There were also groups and workshops, that Marat and I have provided in these time, different types and formats – in the festivals, nature, and open cafes.

Besides  I have been awarded with the diploma as Counseling Psychologist in 2013 by the State University for the social work and psychology (St.Petersburg), I have made some additional EDUCATION courses: one year with Maria Mironova and the program for the counselling psychologists “Art of the Psychoterapy” (Programm of Budgental, J:F.T., St.Petersburg), one year with Natalia Lebedeva and the program “Group processes in Gestalt approach” (St.Petersburg),  few workshops “Groups work” with Processwork Institute (Zurich) and a workshop “Processwork in solving conflicts” with Arnold and Amy Mindell (USA), lectures for psychoanalytical diagnosis of Ph.D. ABPP Nancy McWilliams (USA), workshop “Understanding and treating sexual compulsive behavior”  with Dr. Rory Reid (USA), Workshop  “Matrix Leadership” with Amina Knowlan (USA) and workshop “AQAL – the integral Approach in consulting” with D. Carman (USA)

In my free time I love travelling meeting other cultures and people. When I have time during the day or within a week I love spontaneous going to the nature with my bike and friends.