“Problemtalking creates problems, solutiontalking creates solutions” (S. de Shazer)

What does it mean “emancipation of men”?
Why Men Groups?
Since 1994 I have been working and developing Men Groups in different connections and interrelations. I was developing and commiting the Therapy-Concept “Radical Therapy for men” for many years.
With “Mannsbild” ( I have accompanied and created initiation groups for young men and different coaching offers and workshops to support men in career and daily life, and for the developing the male identity.
Finding creative solutions is one of my main attitudes. I like it to support men in their development and helping them to find their resources and alternative solution.
Once we face each other in respect and accceptance of our own greatness and of other men too, once we found the support and empowerment of the brotherhood with other men, once we face ourselves and others like old good friends – we loose the fear of our own power and also of the power of our brothers as well. So we obtain the courage to face ourselves and the world as it is.

Besides coaching and organisation development I do administration and management of the social business for young men (

Along with my commitment in men work I set up different communities and businesses in ecological, sustainable lifestyle and professional social work (,,,


Certified Coach (DGfC)

Certified Organisation-conulting (AKRS)

Educator, Social Worker

Buisness Management in social work


Trainer in Tai Chi Chuan