To cross the boarders, to become one, we all are crazy for that

is it really possible? its being so wanted so sweet and so bitter. sweet – everybody know this sweet feeling of being in love or having an orgasm, its like coming home, you are searching through all life, and bitter – you can never reach it. yes maybe sexual intimacy and tantra can be a good tool or even meditation, but you it is an intended action. but everybody wants just like this simple and for ever. no. not possible. one of the things rest to embrace the pine-tree, feel your boarders again and breath in and breath out, your own life, where you is you and he is he.

Just a dialog

Do I know you? Yes, we love each. -No. I mean, Do I know you? Yes we live together 12 years. –Do You know me? Yes, you are the most wonderful woman I have ever met. -Who are you? I never saw your pictures of the childhood, I do not know where this wardrobe in our sleeping room coming from, I was not there before you met me.We were riding bikes yesterday and I cooked the best salad from mango for you. -What have you been feeling, when I was not there. It is not interesting, cause you were not there. -I want to feel you as I can feel myself! Where are you? I am there all the time. We sleep at night together. -I cannot feel. Please tell me what you feel! I feel you. -I can not feel you, I can not feel you, I can not feel you. I want to be one. I do not want any boarders: physical and emotional. I want all of you. I want to feel each your cell and all the emotions, I want to be inside of you. Please let me in, let me in and become everything for me. – I can not, cause I am and You are. Us in not one.