You can choose for the on-line work one of us  – Tom, Marat, Vera




professional – carrear development, job change, profession change, organisation development

personal – relationship, intimacy, crises and self-appraisal



We suggest two stages of on-line sessions. Duration of the stages can differ. It is all up to the couple:


  • The first stage is – individual work. You discuss the issues, that you do not want or not ready to discuss with the partner. It can be issues from the past or childhood, or just some strong emotions and feelings connected or not with the partner. The duration of the stage can differ: it can be one session or more. The first stage the couple goes through separately.

  • The second stage is – couple work. We wait for the partner who needs more individual sessions or the latter continues working individually and take part in the second stage together with the partner who has already finished the first stage. Anyway each couple goes through this process individually.

Usually we use Skype application for the on-line sessions.

Here you can sign up for the session with me. I usually contact you within one day after filling out the application:


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