For Women

Women Group: Dignity and Wisdom (20 December 2015)

This is a one day workshop. Being together with women always reminds me about the mystery of life. The atmosphere itself changes a lot. It is a special space when there are only women, it is sacred. One can say something that could never been said in any other place. Feelings that were buried for many years suddenly come out. They can finally be lived in a safe atmosphere, thus revealing energy and  space for the new and bringing you to another level of awareness.

You can rest and satisfy your need for the understanding and support in the arms of the women around you. We shall try many different exercises and roles. At once the women can transform into the “mothers for you” that can give their love and care, that was need for such a long time. This can be a first step to find it inside and to take it, even if it is not your mother. Inner diaologs will allow you to say something very important, that never dared to be spoken.

Most exercise are directed to feel the power and dignity of being woman, to get in touch with the wild woman inside us, that does not have any fears even death. The workshop will lead you to your own wise woman that can face anything in her life, take it and make the best out of it.

This process is always unique – does not matter what kind of plan I prepare it unfolds in a way it is best for all participants, cause we are all unique, we are all creatures, that means that we create just being as we are.